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Credit Rx America – Credit Repair Service

Where you only pay after you get results! As low as $79 per deleted item.

NO deletions, NO payments! It's that simple!

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We review your credit reports with you and let you know what is correctable
You give us the go ahead to correct the items and results follow as soon as 30 days
How would you like to confidently go into a car dealership to buy the car you always wanted; or walk into a mortgage company knowing that you will be approved for that home loan? Well, we can help you do this by getting rid of bankruptcies, negative items, foreclosures, credit issues due to a divorce, or with just about any credit-related issue whether you live in Austin, TX, Fort Lauderdale, FL, or anywhere else. With our knowledge of the credit laws, we can find errors or inaccuracies in your report that are negatively affecting your scores. We legally get the credit bureaus to delete these items leaving no trace.
When you sign up for free, a real person will go over your credit issues with you. We point out the items that are lowering your score. You choose what you want us to delete as well as when you want it deleted. Some companies string you along. They remove items slowly in order to collect a monthly fee for as long as possible. We, on the other hand, will repair your credit as quickly as possible because we want you to be able to get the financing you need for your next car or house. You can usually expect results as soon as 30 days after our dispute letters go out. Every person differs in the length of time it takes for us to get all the items completely removed; but, with our 'You don't pay a dime until after the item is removed' policy, you can feel confident in knowing that we will be working as quickly as possible to resolve the issues affecting your credit in a fast, legal, and professional manner.
How Credit Rx America Helps you
We Audit, investigate, and gather of all errors and inaccuracies in your credit reports. We help keep you knowledgable about your credit by offering you discounted Credit Monitoring AND giving you 5% off our services for maintaining it* 
We discuss with you the details of your reports and scores and give you advise to help you improve yours. Your credit scores tracked monthly*
We help you clearly identify inaccuracies and potential errors that are keeping you from having higher credit scores. An updated credit report every 30 days*
We prepare all disputes and send them to all three of the credit bureaus and your creditors. All 3, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion reports and scores*
We do UNLIMITED disputes with the credit bureaus. we don't stop until it's fixed. Daily credit monitoring & alerts sent to your email*
We give you UNLIMITED direct creditor disputes! $1,000,000 ID theft insurance*
We’ll set you up with a client portal with 24-hour access, 365 days a year, so you can track your progress. Order Credit Reports Online 
Real live help anytime whether it be phone, text, e-mail, or mail. We use Advanced Credit Repair Tactics
We only get paid only after we get you RESULTS!
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credit repair testimonial
"I am impressed! I have to be honest I when and checked my credit score to make sure it was going up. I am super impressed with your work."
"Joe, You are doing a great job! Attached is scan copy of Transunion investigation the deleted that midland funding"
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"Thanks for your help. You are making a lot more of a difference than Lexington law and I paid them for six months! I appreciate everything your doing !"
"9 Public Records and 2 Collections gone, in the first month, WOW!.
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"Thanks so much... No one has been able to do this for me. Thanks so much"
"Thank You Very Much. It's worth every penny!!"
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Limited time offer. Start today!
NO setup fees.
NO upfront service fees.
NO monthly fees required.
Nothing to lose and no risk involved.
You only pay after results!
We offer military discounts.
We pay for your credit monitoring with a 5% discount off our services.
$99.00 per Delete or
$79.00 with Spouse
Optional Services
Provide personalized letters to creditors on your behalf:
Goodwill letters
Pay for delete letters
Ordering a credit freeze
Removal of credit inquiries
Identity Error Optimization/Correction
Correct your name
Remove other names (mistaken aliases)
Your spouse's name
Correct your address
Correct your date of birth
Correct your social security number
Correct/remove previous addresses
Correct/remove previous employers
We work on ALL three MAJOR Credit Bureaus
Bankruptcy Inquiries
Charge-offs Judgments
Collections Late payments
Foreclosures Tax liens
Repossessions Student loans
Medical collections Auto delinquencies
As per the FCRA: Only items that are 100% accurate, verifiable, and timely are allowed to be on your credit report. We challenge the credit bureaus to prove that these items are 100% accurate, verifiable, and timely. Qualified items are determined based on client input. According to CROA, credit repair organizations are forbidden from telling a client to dispute an item that is 100% accurate, verifiable, and timely. *Included when you sign up for IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring PLUS we offer you a discount of 5% off all of our services if you maintain credit monitoring throughout our credit restoration process.